Steps to Cleaning Windows


In every house chores, cleaning windows is very essential. Different households clean their windows at different times on daily basis some on different days and some according to their timetable. As much as cleaning your windows often is important, it’s crucial to note that different kind of windows in your car or your homestead requires their pattern of winston salem gutter cleaning. If you intend to clean a tinted or a vinyl window, its solution will be different from that of a glass window. The most important thing is to understand how to go by and undertake this task safely and adequately. Steps to on how to clean the various types of windows are as follows.

Cleaning glass windows: The most common types of windows are made of glass. They are mostly used in both traditional and modern buildings as well as vehicles. Windows made of glass are prone to unwanted marks and scratches if handled and cleaned roughly. This should be avoided. It is recommended to opt for the commercial cleaning agents who are marketed and have experience in undertaking this task. However, you can also create your window cleaner. This is and will be very cost effective than looking for a cleaning agent and the money spent on expensive materials. The following items will be needed; rubbing alcohol, vinegar, dish soaps, some warm water, and ammonia. Another cleaning solution for your window can be made from ammonia, cornstarch, and water. Always choose the cleaning solution that is available to you. Clean your glass window with a soft cloth or a soft sponge and ensure there are no scratches or rough marks. Know more about pressure washing winston salem here!

Cleaning Vinyl Windows: For those homes with vinyl glass windows, one has to be very careful. Because of their replacement quality and the ability to be taken out for cleaning, vinyl windows becomes more convenient for the modern buildings. However, compared to glass windows, cleaning vinyl glass is a little more complicated. This is because the glasses are less resistant to scratches and makes it hard to deal with them. A specialized window cleaner can be made to do the purpose. One needs to have Murphy’s oil soap, dish soap or detergent and vinegar to do the window cleaning. Always use a soft cloth when using these ingredients to clean vinyl windows. Know more facts about window cleaning at

Cleaning Tinted Windows: These also need special care be it in your office or your car. This is especially to retain the tint of the glass. Ammonia or ammonia included soaps should never be used because they are too strong for this kind of glass and chances of the tint being destroyed are very high. Only use mild soap with a soft cloth to get a specular clean window.


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